Standards beyond expectations!


Tasteful discretion provides the space for character and a sense of detail. The high quality of the materials used, their combinations, brand fixtures and fittings, generous terraces with French windows.
Welcome to the KAY River Lofts, a home full inspiration!

Construction system
Reinforced monolithic concrete structure

The roof is a warm deck with vapour barrier and insulating roofing assembly. The thermal insulation is made of mineral wool slabs.

Direct contact thermal system (ETICS), insulation in the combination EPS/XPS, mineral wool, thin coloured plaster.

The walls dividing the flats are made of masonry and reinforced concrete with a retaining wall. The interior partition walls are also made of masonry, in some places they are made of reinforced concrete with retaining wall. Installation veneer walls are made of plasterboard.

The ceilings are made of reinforced concrete with plasterboard lining or trowel-on coating on the frontal side. The bathrooms and toilets have plasterboard ceilings with acoustic insulation at the locations of the air-conditioning ducts. The ceilings of the balconies are lined with trowel-on plaster on the suspended ceiling.

Wall surfaces of the common areas
The interior plasters and paint shall be covered with gypsum plaster and a trowel-on coating as well as wear-resistant paint. The walls in the entrance hall, the connecting corridor (ground floor), main landings of all above-ground storeys and in the 1st basement in the 3rd section, lift landings and their anterooms in the basement shall be lined with large format ceramic panels. The emergency escape corridor on the ground floor, pram storage room and the technical rooms on the ground floor shall be finished with plaster and wear-resistant paint. The walls of the cleaning room in the basement shall be lined with ceramic wall tiles. The rest of the walls in the basement are made of reinforced concrete with wear-resistant porous paint. The interior walls of the cellars shall be made of unplastered concrete bricks with hydrophobic coating. On the ground floor, the reinforced concrete walls and columns above 2.1 m shall be lined with mineral slabs. The edges of the walls and columns in the garages shall be marked with warning yellow-black shading.

Floors of the common areas
Common corridors and cement screeds
The building entrances will have a cleaning zone. The floors at the entrances and in the common areas, corridors, emergency escape routes, lift landings, flights of stairs and landings shall be made of cast Terrazzo. The reception backroom shall be lined with ceramic paving. The floors in the garages, ramps and technical room floors in the basements shall be made of concrete screed resistant to water and petroleum substances. The floor in front of the staircase cores (in the parking area) shall be differentiated by a coloured coating.

Building entrance doors
Building entrance doors - raster façade system made of aluminium profiles. They are fitted with security electromechanical locks with the option to unlock them from the flat, with electronically controlled access.

Garage gate
The garage has sectional remote-controlled exit gates, licence plate number scanner, GSM gate.
The gates are controlled by the access control scanners and fitted with optical opening/closing signalling.

The main entrances, drive-in, entrances to parking at the staircase are monitored by an electronic access control system (card readers). The access control system has its own backup so that it remains functional even in case of power failure. The main entrance to the building has a video telephone and bell panel. The video telephones are also installed at the drive-in and exit. The lifts have intercoms. The drive-in gate will close behind each vehicle. The interior space behind the gate shall be equipped with barriers in both directions. The exit column has a rolling panel with camera for communication with the reception desk and the flats (opening of the barriers and gate remote controlled from the reception desk). The exit is opened using the active card that is also used in the rest of the house. The waste collection area and the parking area shall be divided by a self-locking lock with readers on both sides. A camera system shall also take care of the security of the inhabitants. The system shall be designed to cover the entrances and common areas (off the lift landing), reception desk, basement hall, parking, drive-in/exit and the thoroughfare. The cameras shall also monitor the corridors around the house, but only to cover the gardens of the flats. The common areas also have shell protection connected to the Central Security Desk with signalling to the reception desk.

Fire protection
The flats have fire-resistant security doors. The EPS (electronic fire signalling system) controls the fire flaps, closes the fire flaps in the garages, ventilation of the staircases and triggers the fire alarm. Transmission of the signal to the “Central Fire Rescue Desk of the Fire Rescue Service” is instantaneous at night; during the day it occurs only after confirmation of the alarm or lapse of the systemic period. Upon triggering of the alarm, the air-conditioning is deactivated, all the lifts run to the nearest station, the locks at the escape exits are released, the key storage safe is unlocked. CO detectors, dry sprinklers and fire shutters are installed between the fire sections in the parking area. Emergency lighting of the corridors, staircases and garages will be equipped with built-in maintenance-free batteries and fulfil the emergency lighting function (on the escape route(s)). Dedicated fire safety equipment has a secure alternative power supply - Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

The building has two personal lifts that serve all the above-ground and the common underground storeys. The lifts have large format mirrors, premium ceramic tiles and overhead lighting. They are not evacuation lifts and the reinforced concrete shafts are flexibly divided from the rest of the supporting structures.

Landscaping and irrigation
The common greenery shall be irrigated automatically; pre-installations are proposed for the private gardens including a plumbing shaft with a valve for connection of the owner’s own automatic irrigation system. The electrical pre-installations in the plumbing shaft are only for the requirements of automatic irrigation and are of low voltage design (24 V).

Control of the building lighting
Corridors, staircases and entrance hall - sensor-activated lighting. The lighting of the corridors, thoroughfares and garage areas is controlled by motion sensors. The lighting of the cellars shall be switched in sections, which be controlled via switches that will be installed near the entrances. In the rest of the rooms (basement facilities), a switch shall be installed at the entrance to each of them.

Lighting in the premises
Exterior in front of the house entrance - lighting with sensor.
The entrances shall be illuminated by automatically switched lights.

Entrance doors
The entrance doors to the flats are single-wing, full, smooth, dimensions 900/2100 mm security doors (security class RC3). The doors are fireproof, have a wooden threshold and steel security door frame. The fittings and lock cylinders are also of security design.

Interior doors
The interior doors are single-leaf or double-leaf with a height of 2100 mm, wooden. The doors are full or glazed according to the character of the next room. The transitions of the various types of floorings are covered by transition strips.

The windows are wooden EURO type windows with insulating triple glass. The windows on the ground floor have aluminium profiles. The windows are of large format French design, also the doors, which are horizontally sliding or openable/tilting (in the bedrooms). The glass is clear.

Balconies and terraces
They have wooden floors on targets. The bannisters are made of reinforced concrete and glass. The lower part of the parapet is full, the upper part is supplemented with laminated security glass terminating in a stainless steel profile.

The roller blinds are on the exterior. They shall be integrated under the façade cladding. The shading shall be controlled electrically. The roller blinds can also be opened centrally via a common control switch in the room of the flat. The control buttons are located according to the specific layout, primarily together with the light controls at the entrance to the room.

Wall surfaces
Gypsum plasters, respectively, trowel-on coatings shall be in all the dwelling rooms, kitchens and entrance halls. Wear-resistant white paint. The bathrooms and toilets will have large format ceramic wall tiles up to the ceiling with horizontal joints, series CALCE 3 and TRAFILATO CALCE manufactured by FAP Ceramiche.

The entrance halls, bathrooms, toilets, storerooms - matte ceramic paving, smooth with parallel joints; for the bathrooms and toilets, the standard offers an option to choose from several variants from the manufacturers FAP Ceramiche, MilanoFloor Bianco and Beige. The corridors near the bedrooms, in the bedrooms, living rooms and kitchenettes will be fitted with a wooden two-layer floating floor with terminating moulding at the walls. The balconies and terraces will have wooden floors on targets.

Bathroom equipment
The bathrooms shall be fitted with Catalano and Bette premium brand fixtures and fittings. The toilets shall be wall-mounted with a cistern installed under the plaster with two button mechanical flushing controls. The Bette brand bathtub is made of enamel lined titan-steel with the drain at centre. The showers are made of matte stainless steel with drain gutter and all-glass shower screen without a frame. The water faucets of the washbasins shall be of upright, lever-type, economical, chrome-plated and mixing design. The showers shall be fitted with a thermostatic faucet installed under the plaster. All the water faucets are of the GROHE brand. The bathrooms will also be equipped with design heating ladders.           

Heating of the flats
The heating is installed in the floor. Floor convectors (without fans) with walkable grilles are installed in the dwelling rooms with large format French windows or balcony doors. They are regulated by thermostat valves, which are controlled by the spatial thermostat. Zehnder brand heating ladders with electric cartridges are installed in the bathrooms. The bathrooms are also supplemented with electric floor heating.

Ventilation and recuperation
The flats shall be equipped with ventilation with a forced supply of filtered air with regulated temperature and also forced extraction of spent air via a central unit with heat recuperation. The central unit shall be located on the building roof.

The air management system shall be controlled by local regulators with a weekly programme and individual option to set the ventilation intensity in time and in the individual flats. The regulators of the variable air flow shall be controlled in all flats to ensure so-called equal pressure in all the flats. A button shall be installed in the bathrooms and toilets to increase the air flow rate for an adjustable period of 3 - 20 minutes.

An air extraction duct shall be prepared in the shaft for installation of the digestor. The duct will be fitted with an automatic tight flap with magnetic fixture at the closed position. The piping shall be dimensioned for an air flow of 300 m3/h/digestor.

All the dwelling rooms shall be equipped with an FCU cooling system using wall-mounted circulating units. The cooling units shall be controlled via a remote-controlled infra-red controller. The pre-installations shall also be done (cables to the inner units) for eventual connection of the cooling system to the central flat control system.

Electrical installations - heavy current
Electrical installations have a design with pre-installation for a smart home system. The standard is lighting of balconies, terraces, bathrooms, toilets and corridors. The lights in the living rooms, kitchens and kitchenettes are not installed and the outlets for them shall be pre-installed according to the project. In the kitchen, the connections shall terminate in terminals in the corner at the planned location of the kitchen.

The direct billing measurement of the individual flats shall be in the technical room on the ground floor (the cooling units will have secondary metering on the line for the common areas and the bill shall be transferred proportionately to the inhabitants). Upon failure of the distribution network, no alternative power supply is provided (circuit-breaker 3x 25 A, max. simultaneous input 11 kW). According to the project, the rooms in the flats are fitted with heavy current sockets and garden lighting wiring shall be pre-installed near the gardens. All the distribution lines are made of copper.

Electrical installations - light current
A flat light current switchboard shall be installed in the hall of each flat to which the distribution lines in the flat shall be connected according to the project. Each of the dwelling rooms shall have a TV socket. The system shall be supplemented with a central parabola for satellite reception. The flats shall be equipped with a video telephone with a 7" coloured touch display, which shall be located in the hall of the flat. The bell of the flat shall be autonomous and directly connected to the video telephone.

Sockets and switches - plastic simple or double switches, plastic simple or double sockets, located according to the project design documentation. Lights - light outlets with bulb holders shall be installed in the entrance hall, bathrooms and toilets and light outlets shall be installed in the rest of the areas of the flat. Data - data line to the living room and the master bedroom, data sockets shall be located in common frames with the STA sockets. Television - Common TV antenna (STA) on the roof, television sockets for the living rooms - living room and the master bedroom. Intercom - entrance door panel with video camera and bell buttons for the flats; video telephone in the flats with option to install electrical control of the entrance door lock.

Landscaping and irrigation
Landscaping on the ground floor was designed by the Steiner Malikova Studio.


Housing full of inspiration

Housing full of inspiration

Tasteful discretion provides the space for character and a sense of detail. The high quality of the materials used, their combinations, brand-name fixtures and fittings, generous terraces with French windows. Welcome to the KAY River Lofts, a home full of inspiration.